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2k8-29 Kimono - Silk -Shibori Kimono - Japan-Shōwa period

€ 75.00 EUR

Shibori Kimono: Shibori is a traditional Japanese textile dyeing technique used to create unique and intricate patterns. This Shibori kimono features exquisite shibori designs across the fabric. The artful folds and delicate dyeing process result in a beautiful and textured garment. The Shibori kimono represents the craftsmanship and artistry of Japanese textiles, making it a cherished piece of cultural heritage.


Condition:(Please see the photos)
- The kimono is in vintage, used condition.
- Some stains, spots, and wrinkles are because of age.
*This item will be carefully packaged and sent by registered post from Japan.
The arrival time may be extended depending on the customs processing status of each country.
*According to the policies of your local country, other fees may be charged, such as customs duties.

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