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2C1-46 Noh mask -Wood- Mask - Japan - Mid 20th century

€ 175.00 EUR

Object:Noh mask
Period:Mid 20th century
Region/ Country of origin:Japan
Title of artwork:鬼面  
Condition:Reasonable, see description
Dimensions: 21.5x 17x 10 cm

This is vintage Noh "kasshiki 喝食 " Mask. A noh mask representing a Zen temple boy in training who serves in the mess room and also entertains.
Measurements (Approx.)
Length: 21.5cm
Width : 17cm
Heigth: 10cm
Condition:(Please see photos for details)
In vintage condition.
There are scratches that appear on the surface.
Some wear and tear,.
Please see the photo.

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