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c3-71 Hanging scroll painting - Paper, Wood - 張月樵1765 - 1832 - 靭猿図 - Japan - 19th century

€ 75.00 EUR

Object:Hanging scroll painting  
Material:Paper, Wood
Period:19th century
Region/ Country of origin:Japan
Title of artwork:Training monkey(靭猿図) pattern
Condition:Reasonable condition, see description
Dimensions:144×94.5 cm

This is an exquisite hanging scroll painted"Training monkey(靭猿図).
 It is beautiful hanging on the wall!
Measurements (Approx.)
Width: 94.5/79.5cm
Weight: 900g
Condition: (please refer to the pictures for details )
painting is in reasonable condition, some general aged, spots, wrinkles, stains.

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