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C9-26Noh mask - Wood -女の面 - With artist's seal 佐藤幸鑿 - Ko-omote 小面 (young woman, 'small face') Mask- Japan -Mid 20 century

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Object:Noh mask
Period:Mid 20th century
Region/ Country of origin:Japan
Title of artwork:Ko-omote 小面
Condition:Fair, see description

' Ko-omote 小面'  'Ko' in Ko-omote means pretty or lovely, with graceful curves that characterise this mask.
Seal by 佐藤幸鑿.

Dimension :
Approx. 21.5cm in length x 13.5 cm in width x 7 cm in height

Fair, signs of wear.
There are scratches that appear on the surface.
Some wear and tear, on the lips, forehead and hair, beside the nose.
Please see the photo.

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