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Reprint woodblock print - 歌川豐國(Utagawa Toyokuni)/一乐亭荣水- Bijinga - Japan - Mid 20th century

€ 50.00 EUR

Period:Mid 20th century
Region/ Country of origin:Japan
Artist/ Maker:Utagawa Toyokuni, 1769-1825/一乐亭荣水
Title of artwork:Bijinga (Beautiful women paintings)
Condition:Good condition, see description
Dimensions:48.5cm x 33.5 x0.6 cm

Japanese artist of the ukiyo-e :
歌川豐國(Utagawa Toyokuni)/一乐亭荣水

The painting is in good condition. (Please see photos)

Measurements: 48.5cm x 33.5cm

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